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What is Letterpress?

Letterpress began in the mid 15th century, it is a form of relief printing which involves a plate being inked and then pressed into paper, leaving behind a coloured impression.

The nature of Letterpress

Letterpress is a craft and it is important to remember that we are not a commercial printer. Each invitation is pressed separately and minor variations are normal. Every invitation is unique which is what makes letterpress so special!

Paper Choices

Our house stocks are Colorplan Pristine White 700gsm board and Dutch Unlined Greyboard, 738gsm. Both chosen because of their quality and ability to receive a sharp, deep impression. If you require a lighter weight or specific colour we can custom order a stock of your choice. Colorplan board is available in an array of colours shown here 

What colours of ink are available?

We carefully hand mix our inks using the Solid Uncoated Pantone Formula Guide which is made up of 1,677 colours! If you have chosen a colour palette for your wedding, simply post us a swatch and we will match it to our formula guide and mix it up!

How do I decide on a quantity?

In order to be cost effective we print a minimum of 50 per order. Always add on 10% to the amount you think you need to allow for any mishaps or forgotten aunts!

How long will my order take to print?

Your order should take 2-3 weeks from confirmation of design to delivery. If you require a faster turnaround, give us a call.


If your design does not fulfil the agreed specifications we will do everything to solve the problem. If there is an error such as a spelling mistake that is also found on the approved proof we cannot offer a refund.


Your order will be wrapped up safely and sent via Royal Mail Special Delivery. To ensure safe arrival it will need to be signed for.